Le pitch in 16 words

UNIK erp is a digital services company (ESN) specialized in the digitalization of complex business processes


Created in 2016, UNIK erp is the spin-off of a trading company. From the outset, it has benefited from its expertise in international trade, which today allows it to have an excellent understanding of the organizations' businesses and to provide rapid and qualitative functional responses

Our ambition

UNIK ERP a pour ambition de créer une équipe pluridisciplinaire de développeurs spécialisés dans les besoins des entreprises. Nos processus, y compris ceux liés au développement commercial, sont conçus pour être rapidement dupliqués en France et à l'international.

UNIK erp and ODOO

UNIK erp uses ODOO technology, the world's leading ERP package with over 7 million users


Basé sur Odoo, UNIK ERP hérite de nombreux modules  fonctionnels : interdépendants, qui permettent de répondre nativement à de nombreux  besoins, et de personnaliser solidement votre ERP en fonction de votre métier.


We are a team of IT experts. Trained and certified on many tools, our experts bring you an efficient service for the implementation and evolution of your IT solutions

Our customers are based in France and abroad (Europe / Africa). We work for SMEs as well as large groups and meet the needs of all business lines.​

UNIK is also and above all a team of men and women, equally qualified as developers or experts in digitalization. UNIK erp has the vocation to develop in France and to accelerate its international development.